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What I do 

In a jesting mockery of my idiosyncrasies; a colleague of mine once pointed out that I so often start speaking by saying “I have a question...”. The act of questioning is intrinsic to who I am. I think critically, fueled by my scattered curiosities. These traits enable me to delve deeper into inquiries as a researcher, helping me unravel unapparent patterns and connections.


Here are some of the pies I have my fingers in:

Rapid Ethnography Qualitative Research

Behavioural research    Insight mining & Articulation  Product Strategy   

Writing Creative Visualisation

 Facilitating collaborative thinking 

Critical and Speculative Design 

Narrative Building & Storytelling

Perspectives  and Insights


I'm a designer-researcher currently based out of Gurgaon. I work around behaviours in adoption and adherence of products and systems. I take personal initiative to explore Discursive Design in practice and theory. I've been working on self-initiated inquiries around experiential, attitudinal and behavioral relationships that urban citizens share with climate change. 

I see design as a catalyst in creating systemic change, which when backed with the right research, can assure right impact. A larger ambition is to demonstrate effective design partnerships in yet unexplored domains. 

I make comics to share my experiences and opinions. I'm obsessed with preservation– I incessantly press flowers and leaves and have made several batches of sun-dried tomatoes and unusual seasonal jams so far. I enjoy outdoor sketching and compulsively punning. 




When people come first by João Biehl and Adriana Petryna






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